SMART Tools: New and Updated

This summer, the SMART Office will unveil two exciting products that will enhance the public’s ability to receive information about registered sex offenders and will improve the way jurisdictions share information: a new mobile app and a rewritten SORNA [Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act] Exchange Portal.

Mobile App

The SMART Office will release a Dru Sjodin National Sex Offender Public Website (NSOPW) mobile app, compatible with Android and Apple iOS devices, that will be a companion to the existing NSOPW website. In addition to name-based searches, users will be able to conduct searches within a ¼-mile, ½-mile, or 1-mile radius based on their location. Results will be available in map and list views. To ensure that the NSOPW app provides the most accurate results possible, jurisdictions are encouraged to input full address information into NSOPW, including latitude and longitude, if they are not currently doing so. Just like the current NSOPW site, the app will rely on the information provided by participating jurisdictions and the searching capabilities they allow. Currently, 24 States and the District of Columbia provide full offender address information with latitude and longitude. Seven more States are planning to provide location information in the near future.

SORNA Exchange Portal

The SORNA Exchange Portal is being rewritten to remove its dependency on Microsoft SharePoint, and the revised portal will be released late this summer. The portal provides all SORNA jurisdictions with information-sharing capabilities. Jurisdictions can create alerts about sex offenders who are relocating, share information about their jurisdictions, request information about sex offenders, and create and reply to discussion board topics. Since the SORNA Exchange Portal was created in July 2008, it has received so many enhancements and customizations that the original framework for the site is no longer feasible. The revamped portal will be flexible, easily customizable, and simpler to navigate. Prior to launch, jurisdictions will be able to participate in online training sessions so they will be ready when the revised portal goes live.

  • SMART Tools: New and Updated
    This summer, the SMART Office will unveil a new mobile app and a rewritten SORNA Exchange Portal.  . . . arrow More
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